Experience Design combines placebranding, wayfinding and storytelling to create environments that are welcoming, navigable and interactive. The most powerful and successful results, for our clients and their audiences, come from the imaginative integration of these elements.

Placebranding is a term that CG has coined to describe the imaginative development of identity in the built environment. We develop a strategic understanding of each client’s mission and values along with their cultural and economic goals. We strive to discover what makes each environment unique and memorable, then communicate it with enthusiasm and authenticity.

Wayfinding assists people in finding their way through unfamiliar or complex environments. We have pioneered many innovations that improve how visitors experience spaces. CG’s environmental psychologist considers people’s problem-solving skills, physical limitations and cognitive abilities when formulating user-based wayfinding strategies and information systems.

Storytelling helps celebrate people, places, creations and events that are significant to our clients and their communities. Good storytelling fosters understanding, pride, and stewardship. These connections can be expressed across a wide range of static and digital media.