The campus experience is one of engagement and discovery. Campuses are 24/7 environments where conventional signage, orientation and branding need to integrate with digital media and physical space. The overlap of universities with medical centers or cities and towns further increases the need for integrated information systems.


Each campus has a unique mix of wayfinding challenges and opportunities, but they have in common a steady stream of visitors, each with different needs and destinations. From campus gateways to classrooms, we study the whole visitor experience to give people information in the right place with the right methods, consistently and clearly.


With distinctive identities and rich histories, schools have important stories to tell and people to commemorate. Whether printed and painted on walls, engraved into walkways, or displayed on signage, we design interpretive experiences and donor programs to enrich the campus experience and foster a sense of pride.


We study the broader context by reviewing campus master plans, facilities plans, traffic studies and marketing initiatives; we then support the goals of these high-level plans with signage, graphics, maps, and digital tools.


A selection of our clients

Amherst College
Arizona State University
Catholic University of America
The College of New Jersey
Cornell University
Elon University
Franklin and Marshall College
The George Washington University
Johns Hopkins University
Landon School
Lebanon Valley College
Loomis Chaffee School
The Ohio State University
Saint Joseph’s University


Temple University
Thomas Jefferson University & Hospital
The University of Arkansas
The University of Chicago
The University of Iowa
The University of Maryland Baltimore County
The University of Maryland at Baltimore
The University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
The University of Rochester
The University of Pennsylvania
The University of Tennessee, Knoxville
The University of Texas at Austin
The University of Texas at El Paso
The University of Texas at San Antonio
Western Michigan University

Close up view of a campus map
We design maps to reinforce the wayfinding strategy and clarify campus orientation.
Full size mockup of a vehicular directional sign
Our process includes on-site review to ensure elements are properly scaled and integrate into the campus landscape.