The University of Texas at Austin

UT Austin is one of the largest universities in the country with 50,000 students. As the flagship campus of the University of Texas system, the densely-packed central campus is filled with thousands of first-time visitors, ongoing construction projects and multiple parking garages.

CG’s wayfinding system provides immediate help by enhancing the definition of the campus edges, providing highway trailblazers and improved pedestrian wayfinding. Simplified nomenclature, use of zones and a unique map kiosk all help make the campus more user-friendly. CG also changed the district names to replan the arrival sequence for first-time visitors.

A big challenge was to lead drivers to the correct parking garage, then direct them to a second garage if the first one is full—CG used digital displays for this task.

Notable: A dimensional “Lone Star” on the signs brings the university’s identity to life.

  • Chris Cooper

Wayfinding and signage master plan