Our working process is customized to suit our client’s mission, organization and branding goals.

Helping stakeholder groups prioritize their objectives and reach consensus is our specialty.

We work collaboratively, often with multiple consultants, review agencies and client groups.

Creative and efficient management of budget and schedule helps drive the process.

Implementation supervision

Thoughtful discovery helps us identify and connect key issues. Our award-winning team and environmental psychologist study the entire visitor experience. We collect and analyze all pertinent information until the challenge is thoroughly understood.

  • Understand the context
  • Research the issues
  • Focus on the user interface
  • Review operational concerns
  • Challenge the assumptions
  • Identify core issues

Inspired design is a rigorous search for the most ingenious and appropriate idea. We seek solutions that are engaging and effective. Modeling, prototyping and advanced rendering technologies allow us to test aesthetics and human factors as well as facilitate client decision making.

  • Distill the idea
  • Create a unique narrative
  • Make it inclusive
  • Support a long-term vision
  • Apply systems thinking
  • Develop budgetary options

Thorough documentation, with close attention to appearance and functionality, continues as design details, materials and fabrication techniques are finalized. Decisions are made with system management and maintenance in mind.

  • Detail for durability and flexibility
  • Integrate technology
  • Incorporate sustainability
  • Satisfy performance requirements
  • Specify advanced materials and coatings
  • Prepare rigorous specifications

Implementation supervision includes a thorough review of fabricator documents, in-progress samples and finished products. Our goal is to support fabricator success and advocate for the highest quality outcome on behalf of our clients.

  • Assist with the bid process
  • Thoroughly review shop drawings
  • Examine color and material samples
  • Assist with problem solving
  • Evaluate "in-process" work
  • Review installation