Energy Corporation

CG developed an environmental branding master plan to communicate this corporation’s vision and values across dozens of their buildings in Southeastern Pennsylvania. The environmental graphics emphasize pride in their work, their commitment to safety, sustainability initiatives, and their history of innovation.

The environmental branding plan was created for many different types of buildings, including service facilities, training centers, offices and field sites. The plan provides guidelines and templates for treatments that can be deployed in lobbies, corridors, break rooms, training rooms, elevator lobbies, cafeterias, conference rooms and copy areas. Installed in over ten buildings, these bold, colorful graphics provide much-needed energy and personality to each space and compliment interior upgrades like new furniture and flooring. 

A complete sign system was also created in conjunction with interior branding. CG designed a system with a clean, modern aesthetic without sacrificing modularity or becoming too expensive. Various sign types, sizes and mounting methods were developed to anticipate a wide range of conditions across their facilities.  

A standard set of sign guidelines was produced as part of the master plan, which are used as a “catalog” for implementation projects as different sites are renovation. The interior signage has been installed at twelve sites so far, with more added each year.  


  • Environmental graphics
  • Sign system design
Project Partners
  • IEI Group
  • Halkin Mason Photography