American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial

This is the first national memorial dedicated to the over 3 million veterans living with permanent disabilities. Dramatic glass walls display personal stories of courage and extraordinary sacrifice. The veterans’ accounts span the full continuum of American military conflicts and represent four phases: Pride of Serving, Trauma of Injury, Challenge of Healing and Discovery of Purpose.

These poignant montages are brought to life by changing day and evening light passing through the translucent glass; the panels are further animated by reflections and shadows of visitors. Above all the remarkable stories capture a sense of loss and hope, struggle and strength and serve as a powerful metaphor for the trials and triumphs of our honored disabled American veterans.


  • 5-layer glass panels with embedded images comprise three separate walls
  • lengthy testing and approval process that involved 9 public and private agencies
  • dedicated by former President Obama in October 2014
  • adjacent to the National Mall, in full view of the US Capitol
Project partners
  • Michael Vergason Landscape Architects
  • Shalom Baranes Associates
  • Larry Kirkland Studios
  • Eckersley O’Callaghan
  • History Associates
  • Fluidity
  • Thematic planning
  • Environmental graphics