The University of Chicago Medicine

The University of Chicago Medicine initially had a patchwork of bulky and outdated signs in a densely packed urban campus. Planning the wayfinding strategy was a big challenge because of the four valet drop-offs, two emergency departments, limited parking, one-way streets and frequent gridlock. Obtaining approvals from CDOT and the Chicago Parks Department for the signs were additional hurdles for CG and the transportation planners.

UCM’s Center for Care and Discovery, opened in 2013, has become the core of the medical campus; wayfinding was planned to address the new vehicular circulation, changing building uses, additional patient volume and vehicular/pedestrian conflicts at the already crowded intersections.

In addition, the new signage needed to dovetail with the adjacent University of Chicago sign system, also designed by CG.

  • Skyline signage
  • Wayfinding and signage master plan