Tower Health – Reading Hospital

CG has developed a new, campus-wide master plan that extends the Reading Hospital brand identity into the multi-acre environment through signage, provides comprehensive directional wayfinding and makes the Reading Hospital campus more accessible and user-friendly for its numerous visitors and patients.

The primary goal of the wayfinding strategy is to guide visitors to the correct entrance for their needs. Improvements on navigation include naming entrances after their adjacent streets, creating a welcome sequence with gateways, banners and directional signage and establishing a hierarchy of parking areas and entrances.

The interior wayfinding plan is composed of primary circulation corridors on the first floor that are joined by color-coded connection hallways and vertical circulation through lettered elevators. CG has also recommended a number of visitor outreach tools that support the wayfinding, directional signs and map.

Project Partners
  • Ballinger
  • L&H Companies

Wayfinding and signage master plan