Geisinger Medical Center

A key wayfinding strategy for Geisinger’s campus was to reduce the number of choices a visitor has to make when navigating the large site. This entailed reducing the number of vehicular decision points to two, reducing the number of signed building entrances and refining the shuttle bus system. Clarifying the parking options also helps anxious visitors and patients.

The integrated interior signage and wayfinding plan includes defining a “main street” and more assertive signing of the 10 elevator banks. A digital directory provides an easy way to identify the correct elevator. Simplified guidelines for nomenclature were also an important step.

In order to customize messages and decrease costs, CG designed a complete suite of visitor outreach and print tools. This “non-sign” wayfinding method was featured in Healthcare Design magazine.

Notable: Geisinger was cited by former President Obama as a model of healthcare delivery.

  • Tom Crane Photography
  • Wayfinding and signage master plan
  • Map design