Winterthur Museum, Garden and Library

Winterthur Museum, Garden and Library, near Wilmington, Delaware, houses one of the premier collections of American decorative art and also features a 60-acre naturalistic garden. CG designed an exterior sign system for Winterthur in support of the museum’s ongoing efforts to enhance the experience of its 200,000 annual visitors and patrons.

Winterthur’s 1000-acre site is lovely, but the circulation and parking can be confusing for visitors. CG’s goal was to improve wayfinding while still complementing its carefully planned aesthetics. The signs address the multiple needs of pedestrians, drivers, disabled or elderly patrons, scholars, tour buses, deliveries and special event attendees.

Notable: Winterthur was the home of Henry Francis du Pont. It has its own zip code and in its day, had its own train station.

  • Tom Crane Photography

Sign system design