Cascades History & Culture Trail

The Cascades History & Culture Trail celebrates the remarkable African American neighborhoods, businesses, and people surrounding this Tallahassee trail and Florida A&M University. CG was selected to bring these seldom-told stories to life in a series of 18 interpretive panels.

As part of the research process, local historian and educator Althemese Barnes interviewed community members whose anecdotes, research, and photos are prominently featured. With discussions of family life, churches, education, Black-owned businesses, and community activists, the panels along the trail paint a picture of what life was like in mid-century Tallahassee—and the community that thrived despite racial, economic and social injustices.

The trail will also feature public art installations, playground, skateable art, and a new community gathering space.

Project partners

Blueprint IA
Carol Perloff

"Bookend" signs introduce the project and provide a map of interpretive stations, art, and amenities along the trail.
One station features a map and directory of the 80+ Black-owned businesses that thrived in the Allen Community between 1946 and 1980.
Panels feature a QR code linking to a site that will host additional photos, information and interviews.
Each station features a waterjet-cut panel, featuring a unique icon at the top that embodies the station theme. The leaf pattern and wood grain on the station structures was inspired by former residents' memories of picking pecans as kids.