MJ Carafa


Specializing in branding and typesetting design, MJ has tackled numerous projects to help bring the story of design to life. Combining traditional design techniques and original practices, MJ aims to challenge himself through his designs.

MJ’s dedication to staying connected with the evolving design community is evident through his habit of observing street signs, bus station advertisements, and takeout menus. By immersing himself in these everyday visuals, he not only keeps up with current trends but also finds inspiration in the world around him, demonstrating a deep commitment to embracing and understanding the dynamic field of design.

MJ received a BS in Graphic Design Communication at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia. His past work experience includes Uticom Systems Inc., designing compliant graphics and branding material, as well as years of freelance design, including company branding and campaigns, commercial advertising, and UX/UI design. MJ also interned with CGD for 3 months before transitioning into a full-time designer.

In addition, MJ was a member of the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA), where he participated in community workshops and design education, and looks forward to continuing his involvement there in the future. He is also heavily involved in many community service and philanthropy organizations like the Share Food Program, a leading food bank in Philadelphia. MJ also volunteers with the Adopt A Highway program, which helps to keep highways and roads litter-free. During the Summer, you can find MJ waiting in line for a hotdog at Citizens Bank Park, rooting for the Phils.