Korrie Leer


Korrie Leer is a designer who is particularly passionate about the power of visual storytelling and its impact on communities. She believes that design has the ability to elevate experiences, allowing environments to tell compelling stories. Inspired by the natural world and diverse cultures, Korrie brings a unique perspective to her work.

Before joining Cloud Gehshan Design, Korrie worked as a freelance designer, creating brand and visual identities for small businesses and nonprofits. Her designs were instrumental in ensuring brand recognition and fostering connections with target audiences. Additionally, Korrie is an accomplished author and illustrator, eager to contribute her writing and illustrating skills to the CGD team.

Korrie earned a dual B.S. from The College of New Jersey in Education and Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. She specialized in technology. During her studies, she developed a passion for the creative process. Later, she obtained her graphic design certification from Shillington Education, further honing her skills and expertise in the field.