Eli Schwemler


Eli brings a multitude of skills to the team which includes experience with brand development and map design. He is inspired by environmental factors, cultural iconography, and the surrounding architecture. His creative design contributions consider the use of sustainable materials, while achieving optimal legibility, and are complementary to the space of which they are placed in.

Before joining Cloud Gehshan, Eli was an ad designer at TBWA \ RAAD in Dubai and a machine embroiderer and web designer at Threadwell Monograms in Philadelphia. A noteworthy project of his is the historic Trudeau Tuberculosis Sanatorium in the Adirondacks. Eli designed an interactive map of the area and a new brand identity inspired by the iconic use of octagonal geometry prominently featured in the architecture throughout the grounds.

Eli holds a B.F.A in Communications Design and an M.A. in Advertising, both from Syracuse University.