Gwynns Falls Trail

The City of Baltimore needed upgraded logos and signage for its robust network of hiking and bike trails. CG created a new system for the Gwynns Falls Trail, one of the busiest trails in the city. The updated signage will improve the visibility, recognition and cohesion of the network.

As an urban bike trail, the Gwynns Falls Trail traverses a variety of terrain and path types, and transitions from one to the next are not always obvious. One of the major goals of the signage program was not only to identify the route, but also provide more description about where the cyclist should be riding, and what to expect next. Linear trail maps showing intersections and mileage were developed for multi-use path sections, and signs designed to clarify unusual transitions were placed at confusing intersections. The wayfinding strategy also included developing nomenclature for “spurs” off the primary trail, alternative paths, and loops to clarify the main path of travel.

  • identity design
  • bicycle wayfinding strategy
  • sign system design