Addiriyah World Heritage Site, Saudi Arabia

The nucleus of Addiriyah’s placebranding program is the logo, which features the Salwa Palace, home to the Al Saud Amirs during the first Saudi state. Built in 1744, this signature structure rises along the southern edge of Atturaif, presenting a powerful silhouette against the desert sky.

The program is a kinetic one, with a palette of images, patterns and colors that can be used in a variety of ways for web, print and signage applications. Hand-drawn Arabic calligraphy was created for the Historic Addiriyah identity as well as six sub-districts.

Notable: Interpretive signage will extend the placebranding palette onto the site as it helps visitors experience urban life on the Najd plateau and learn about the remarkable history of the Saud family.

Project partner
  • Ayers Saint Gross
  • Identity design
  • Wayfinding and signage master plan