Spartanburg, South Carolina

Modern Spartanburg is a cultural and intellectual hub for writers, artists and college students. It is also home to BMW’s only North American plant. CG’s signage program captures the non-traditional spirit of Spartanburg’s leaders. Visitors are welcomed by the town’s gateway, pedestrian and vehicular directional signs; bicycle trail signs have also been designed for the Hub City Connector, which stretches to the east coast.

Another special feature is interpretive signage for the Spartanburg Music Trail, which celebrates a number of prominent musicians that have lived here, prompting the Hub City Writers Project to honor their gifts with an audio tour. CG signs offer an entertaining summary and photo of each artist; a phone number then allows the viewers to become listeners to the blues, jazz and country tunes that made each person famous.

In addition to the initial 12 musicians that are highlighted in the tour, 2 new musicians are added every 2 years through a selection process that involves the public, and the trail will continue to grow.

Notable: During the late 1800s, Spartanburg was called the “Hub City” for the 90 trains that stopped or passed through daily.

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