Interactive & Digital

Peco Crown Lights

The beloved Philadelphia landmark, PECO Crown Lights, has displayed over 17,500 public service messages in their 25-year history, all with humble 60-watt bulbs.

CG specified new technology to replace the 27’ tall light band with eye-popping color LEDs, state-of-the-art capabilities and huge energy savings. CG has developed more than 90 animations that take full advantage of the new system; subjects range from community service announcements to cultural festivals to conservation.

Notable: The 2-million LEDs are also used as a canvas for “Art in the Air” to showcase the work of local digital artists.

Project partners
  • IEI Group
  • The Lighting Practice
  • Interpret Green (video)
  • Akira Suwa
  • Skyline signage
  • Thematic planning
  • Animation design