Branded Interiors

Mars Moments Wall

Mars, Inc. has an incredible portfolio of brands, ranging from candy to veterinary care. Over the course of its history, Mars has been an innovator and leader in the industry, establishing iconic brands that are sold around the globe. To celebrate Mars’ family roots, growth, innovation, and forward-thinking initiatives, CG created this lenticular “Mars Moments” wall.

Strategically positioned near the visitor waiting area and adjacent to interview rooms, this wall impresses upon recruits that Mars provides a wide range of opportunities across many industries. CG worked closely with Mars to develop an organizational structure that categorizes milestones by theme, rather than displaying them in chronological order – which emphasizes Mars’ long-standing commitment and legacy to each category displayed. The arrangement of lenticular panels creates a dynamic experience as viewers walk down the hall, and also conceals hardware that allows graphics to be changed and updated over time.

In addition to the Mars Moments wall, CG also designed interior graphics and signage throughout the Mars Petcare headquarters.

Project Partner
  • Hastings Architecture
  • Environmental graphics
  • Interpretive planning and design