Healthy Workplace Signs

As companies and sites gradually reopen, there will be new guidelines for behavior in public spaces and workplaces. Recommendations for social distancing and related etiquette should be posted to help employees feel safe and secure about returning to work. CG has designed a kit of easy-to-produce signs to reflect shared goals of a healthy, happy workplace, easy-to-follow “best practices” needed to achieve them, and why these policies are important.

Signs are standard sizes that can be printed on office printers, then posted or inserted into specified sign holders and stands. The signs are available as a standard package, or CG can customize with company colors, fonts, logos, and messages. For pricing and more information, contact

Download Project Sheet

Signs can be printed on office printers and inserted into off-the-shelf frames and holders, or displayed on digital signs. Designs can be customized with company colors, fonts, logos, and messages.