Cape May County, New Jersey

Located on a peninsula at the southernmost tip of New Jersey, Cape May County encompasses 16 municipalities—five on the mainland and 11 on the barrier islands. With year-round population of 100,000 that swells to 750,000 in the summer, Cape May is a popular beach destination that also boasts an extensive state park system.

CG has been hired by the County to develop a comprehensive vehicular, pedestrian and bicycle wayfinding system to guide the visitors. Inspired by the area’s birds, butterflies and beach dunes, the signage is designed to reflect the region’s scenic environment and reputation as a popular summertime vacation spot. Major destinations are highlighted in the wayfinding system including state parks, campgrounds, wineries, museums and shopping districts.

Notable: During the summer in Cape May, tourists outnumber locals nine to one.

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  • Signage and wayfinding master plan